Fissure sealants

What are they?

The grooves in the chewing surface of the back teeth are called fissures. They are difficult to clean, which increases the risk of decay. In order to protect them, the fissures can be sealed with a tough plastic, which can either be see-through or tooth-coloured.

Sealants are normally only used on children's teeth and on permanent teeth in particular. Reasons for having sealants include:

  • the shape of the tooth
  • the extent of decay
  • how much decay a sibling has had ( there can be family patterns in tooth decay)
  • general health ( general health problems may make it necessary to avoid dental problems).

Summary of benefits?

  • Fissure sealants can last for years and they can usually be replaced if they fall out or wear out, providing that there is no decay underneath
  • They can protect teeth from decay